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Let There Be Light July 8, 2016

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I cannot sleep. I find myself pleading with the Lord God to calm my heart’s greatest fears. My faith is so little right now. And yet I know that my Savior lives, despite the chaos that ensues in our world.

There is an enemy to us all. His name is Satan. He is the one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Our war is truly not against one another, but with the dark powers of Satan. He takes great delight in bringing division among and through people. He is throwing our nation into utter confusion and chaos. The current events in Dallas, TX are a result of his handiwork to bring hatred into the hearts of people. He is nowhere near being done with his evil schemes to bring division and death.

Yet in utter darkness, there is always hope. No matter how great the darkness becomes, it can be extinguished with light. Consider a pitch black room, where nothing can be seen. It is impossible to navigate through such a room. One can only hope to grope through, grasping for something to hold on to. But once a single light illuminates that room, the darkness that was once there proves to be powerless and eradicated. The light fills in every nook and cranny of darkness, so that none remains. I see our nation blindly grasping on to anything in order to survive. Where is the light switch?…

Jesus Christ is the one and only hope of the world. He has already conquered the powers of hell and darkness, and no amount of evil on this earth can undo the victory he obtained on the cross. We are all heirs to eternal life, if we trust in His death. Yes, He had to die, so that we could truly live beyond this temporarily life. May Jesus Christ be the light switch that humanity clings to, as only He can shed light on the darkness that seeks to destroy us all.

My husband is sound asleep right now. I am grateful for his peaceful sleep. He is not yet aware that eleven of his fellow police officers have been shot upon, as they showed up to perform the duties of their sworn position. He does not know that five of those have been killed in the line of duty. He will waken soon, probably around 4:30am. He will begin to get ready to start his twelve hour shift as a sergeant for the police department in our town. I would like it if he would just stay asleep longer, in a peaceful place of comfort and safety in our bedroom. Perhaps he will feel ill when he gets up, but then I remember that he shows up for work even when he is weakened physically. Perhaps he will hear of the tragic events of the night and start to consider that maybe police work is no longer what he needs to be doing. But then I remember that he is passionate about serving and protecting his community, and that such news will only serve to make his resolve to being a honorable police officer even stronger. Perhaps if I cry and plead that he take a desk job, that he might consider it. But then he just might ask me why my children and I pray for him as we do, if those prayers for safety and protection are not believed in. He would then remind me that he loves being a police officer, even though many hate him when he puts his uniform on. He will not let fear, violence, or hate control his life, and neither will I.

And so I will stop playing out in my head the ways in which the love of my life should live the rest of his life. He has sworn to protect and serve, and nothing will deter him from doing that. I will simply wait for him to arise any minute, and I will tell him of the tragic events in Dallas. I will kiss him and hold him tightly, say a prayer over him, and send him out in his patrol car for the start of a new day. And as he pulls away, I will know that the light of Jesus Christ goes with him everywhere, and even death has no power over him.

Yes, may the light switch in his patrol car remain bright, no matter what.


May I Ask a Favor of You? September 2, 2015

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Would anyone mind doing me a huge favor? Before you answer, please consider carefully what I am going to ask of you, as these words come from the deepest part of my heart. Only agree to this request if you have every intention of following through…

Will you keep a watchful eye out for my husband? Will you have his back if needed?

You see, my husband wears a police badge proudly across his chest. The day he placed his hand on a Holy Bible before his family, witnesses, and fellow officers; he swore to uphold the law of the land to the very best of his ability. He swore to guard and protect the citizens under his care and influence, even to the point of his own possible demise. He took on a career path that would lead him straight into harm’s way, and he did it with a sincere and willing heart.

Will you keep a watchful eye out for him? Will you have his back?

He will be the one in blue, showing up wherever you call him, in your time of distress and need. He will always answer, and no call is too great or small. If you are in danger, he will literally put himself in your place to keep you safe. Your age, race, gender, socioeconomic status, neighborhood, and the like, will not deter him from fulfilling what he has vowed and sworn to do. His duty is to uphold the law to keep you and the surrounding community safe. If a law is broken, he will act to preserve justice and order. To him, the laws are colorblind and uniform throughout.

Will you keep a watchful eye out for this man? Will you have his back?

He will be the one pulling over the car that is swerving all over the road, or the one careening through the stop sign. You never know if such a car would have crashed into yours and forever changed your and your family’s entire life. What an officer does routinely on the job might just be your miracle that you failed to recognize. The streets are safer because of their diligence and care.

Are you willing to keep a watchful eye out for this man? Will you have his back?

This man that would take a bullet for you is now under vicious attack in our nation, and someone needs to do more to turn the tide of this darkness. What can you do? How can you keep a watchful eye?…

How about simply waiting and watching whenever you see him in public. An officer was brutally shot in cold blood as someone approached him from behind while he was pumping gas. Will you take the time to be another set of eyes for an officer, and alert him if anything looks suspicious? If you are at a gas station and see an officer, simply standing by being watchful would show enormous courage and support. There is no need for vigilante aggression, but there is a great need for citizens to show unwavering support for officers. Our eyes and ears can help put a hedge of safety and protection around them.

What if you see him at a park, restaurant, library, grocery store, roadside, house fire, on and on and on…the point is, officers are no longer ‘safe’ anywhere. There is a target on their backs, and they need to know they are still appreciated and needed. Will you simply slow down your life and be observant when you see one, so that he or she can feel and know that they truly do have eyes behind their head? Pat him or her on the back and tell them that you are praying for them and that what they do really matters. Such encouragement goes a long way for when they come home to the news of yet another one of their own being killed in the line of duty.

Will you keep a watchful eye out for him? Will you have his back?

I ask for some very selfish reasons as well. You see, this same man eventually pulls his police car into our garage at night, and when he enters, he is a husband and a dad. He is the leader of this household, and he is the love of our lives. There is so much more to him than a badge and uniform, and yet, he is a police officer through and through. He sees and knows that his position is under intense attack, but he is committed to preserving justice and fairness all the more. Praise God for the loyal and fabulous police officers who truly believe in what they do. There will always be some bad apples, but may we never judge the masses based on a very select few.

And so if you are still willing, then please watch out for my husband, and all the other officers you come into contact with on a daily basis. Lets start turning this thing around people!!!! It is time to do more by taking a true stand and showing our support. Lets not let one more officer be ambushed in public. May we have eyes to see and ears to hear, and may we sound the alarm when needed.

And most of all, may we PRAY. Pray for the police officers across our country regularly. May they be strong and courageous despite all they are going through right now. May the Lord bless and protect them.


Thanks for the back-up!!


YES, I love a Police Officer. November 25, 2014

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My husband Grant is a police officer to the core. By this I mean that he is never off duty, never on break, and never with his guard down. When he took the oath to protect and serve his community, he meant it with every ounce of his being. To him, wearing the badge is an astounding honor and privilege. It goes without question then that he holds the law, and the keeping of it, in the highest regard. While there are indeed some officers that bring shame to the badge, I believe the far greater majority wear it with the diligence and duty it deserves.

Officers put their lives on the line repeatedly so that the citizens of this nation can live in a reasonable amount of safety and harmony. For the outstanding officers in our midst, it is a critical time for us to lift them up in prayer and speak of them in high regard. The tide in our nation is taking a dangerous turn against law and order, and now is not the time to be silent. Our officers need to know that what they do matters, and they need to feel confident that they can fulfill their sworn duties without hesitation or fear of backlash from the communities they serve, as well as this nation.

The events that have taken place in Ferguson, MO have left many lives shattered, and a once typical American city in dismay. The ripple effect has impacted us all on some level. There are many heartbreaking pieces: a young man’s life ended, a police officer’s life and career forever changed, a city and neighboring communities fractured and torn, anger and hatred toward law enforcement escalated to dangerous levels, a rising tension amongst Americans of varying race and color, and the list truly goes on. This all came to be as a result of one fateful night, when law and order was put to the test.

I have observed firsthand the demands and challenges of police work. My husband has been put through hundreds of hours of training in his many years of duty. He has re-enacted scenario after scenario in a controlled setting to prepare him for the very type of confrontation that Officer Wilson encountered with Michael Brown. There are countless variables to consider, and this must be done in split seconds. An officer does not have the gift of hindsight and reflection as we all have now. For example, how easy for one to be appalled at the notion that Brown’s life was taken over a stolen pack of cigars, and yet so much more was at stake in those mere seconds.  An officer has no way of knowing if a suspect is armed. If someone has the boldness to throw punches at and challenge an officer physically and verbally, then that officer’s life is in grave danger. There is no such scenario as an ‘unarmed’ suspect, as an officer is carrying a loaded weapon in the very holster lying around his or her waist. In seconds that gun can be confiscated by a suspect and used to kill that officer. We have seen this happen all too many times. Those officers do not have heads of state show up to their funerals, and the streets they once served remain silent with lack of protests. It is business as usual the next day.

I pray for my husband every time he hits the streets to guard our town. I can say that if he had been put in the very same situation as Officer Wilson was, he too would have pursued Brown in an effort to uphold the law. I have heard commentary that Wilson should have just let Brown run away and be done with it. It is a terrifying message we are sending if we buy into such logic. A store is robbed and an officer is assaulted, and yet the ‘right’ thing to do would be to excuse this and let the assailant go free?? We have become afraid of consequences, and aloof to the fact that innocent people are being violated. Are our officers truly free to perform their critical civic duties, or do they need to shrink back to avoid confrontation or trouble? I ache as I consider my own husband now hesitating to act in ways to protect himself if needed.

What I know is this….Grant will approach anyone who breaks the law, totally irregardless of race, color, age, gender, religion, social status, monetary status, etc. You break the law, Grant will be calling you out on it. If anyone came at him with physical aggression, then I would expect and demand of him to protect himself at all costs. There is no room for second guessing. I would hope that those under his sphere of influence would support this as well. All law abiding police officers need this support.

I once went on a ride-a-long with Grant. I kept questioning why he would pull a certain car over, or why he would remind someone not to park in a certain spot. It all seemed ‘innocent’ enough to me. Finally he looked me right in the eyes and declared, “What good is the law if it is not going to be upheld?” Indeed he was right. We do this with God’s laws as well, if anyone is willing to grasp the bigger picture with that. We pick and choose what laws we are comfortable with, and become angry and sometimes enraged if we are hit with the consequences of breaking them. Truth be told, it is a lawbreaker who has a problem with the law.

What happened in Ferguson is heartbreaking. I cannot fathom what Michael Brown’s family is going through, as I have never lost a child. It is a pain that can never be fully comforted. May they grow in love for each other to help them cope, and may they turn to the Lord for refreshing. Only He can give them hope.

The horrifying events now taking place with the looting and rioting in Ferguson are agonizing to watch and consider. More innocent citizens are being victimized and suffering great losses. It is a picture of what humans are capable of without law and order, and it is frightening.

My prayer is that something positive and good will be on the other side of all of this pain and despair. We as a nation are better than this, but only with God’s help. May we pray for real repentance, the kind that turns our hearts back to God’s laws. May every heart be humbled in this regard, and then we could experience true and lasting peace.

2 Chronicles 7:14…..If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThis is one of the good guys!


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