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Our Story March 20, 2010

The Nelson Family Porch 2012

The Nelson Family Porch 2012

My name is Deanne Nelson, and I am a wife to Grant, and a mother to Grace, Nathan, and Caleb. Grant and I will celebrate seventeen years of marriage this year, Lord willing! We have been through some extreme highs, and had some agonizing lows as well. The journey of this life follows a very unpredictable path for us all, but I have come to know that peace and joy can be found in none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. It has been in some of the valleys of pain and heartache that this truth has been fully revealed to me. I would now not live without my Savior’s presence for a mere second, for without him, there is no lasting hope.

Our middle son Nathan was diagnosed with autism in September of 2004, and that is when everything in our lives changed. The ole’ picture perfect ‘life’ I had planned on was suddenly not so perfect, and I spiraled into a depression for a time. Little did I know then that through this heartbreak, the Nelson family would truly start living. In all that I thought we had lost, we had actually gained so much more. I will share much of our journey in woven pieces. Even now as I look back through the years, I see a beautiful tapestry emerge of love and joy. All of the tears and pain have blended in as well to create a masterpiece. It was in tears that I grabbed on firmly to Jesus Christ, and He has never let me or my family go. Come take a trip down memory lane with me, and share in some new memories in the making as well.


5 Responses to “Our Story”

  1. Kathie Dupont Says:

    You are a” special Gal” thank you for your sharing.. love ya, Kathie D

  2. I’ve nominated you for a very inspiring blogger award here:
    I’m not sure if you like awards or not so it’s your choice whether you’d like to accept it, but I wanted to add the link to your blog on my post because I love your work. 🙂

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