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The Little Things Do Matter April 9, 2013

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Last October my husband Grant and I celebrated sixteen years of wedded bliss. There might be just a touch of sarcasm with the bliss part, but I do cherish my marriage and that man. I recall the day he proposed and placed an engagement ring on my finger. It was a BIG deal, and I caught myself looking at that diamond many times a day. Sometimes I would exaggerate mannerisms with my left hand just so others could see and enjoy it too! In time, I must admit that I stopped appreciating that diamond, and in recent years I had pretty much stopped noticing it all together. Now I love my husband more with every year; I truly know that. I credit the Lord God who has the power to make all things new with that miracle. But I have been a poor possessor of my wedding ring, as I have not cared for it as I should. It somehow became a small thing in my life of big worries, and I took it for granted.  I know this because one day my diamond went missing. Even more, I was not the one who noticed that the diamond was gone. I was at the hospital working a RN shift in the ER when a coworker asked me where the diamond in my ring was. I was horrified to look down at my left ring finger only to find empty prongs where a diamond once was. Now, my ring was very modest. The diamond was smaller than a pea, but it was my diamond and what it signified in my life was truly enormous. And yet, I had failed to notice that this symbol of love and devotion had even been altered. Worse yet, I had no idea at all when and where it fell out. The possibilities were enormous…. I have three children and a mangy dog with a lot of hair. I always have my hands in some sort of mess or project.  I had been doing lots of painting as well, both at home and my church. Laundry, dishes, cooking, yard work, on and on…not to mention my work shifts as an RN where I wash my hands every few minutes, and countless blood draws and patient care tasks with the donning on and off of gloves. My head was spinning with all of the possibilities and I was quickly resolved to the fact that my diamond was lost forever. The’ where’ and ‘when’ could never be answered. It was humanely impossible. Of course, as soon as my friend Karen noticed it was gone, we both frantically looked on the floor beneath us, as if it had just popped out at that very moment. A girl can dream. It is true that we don’t realize how precious some things in our lives are until they are gone. Suddenly, I wanted that diamond back more than anything, and yet I could not honestly recall the last time I even took a look at it. I just assumed it would always be there.

The rest of that day I did what any good woman does who loses her only piece of real jewelry….I pouted. I told my sob story to anyone willing to listen. My co-workers heard it, my patients heard it, and of course, my husband heard it. He handled it like a star and promised to replace that diamond with the brightest cubic zirconia I could find! I was not amused. I was too busy feeling sorry for myself. Now, it dawned on me to pray about it, but I felt very selfish and silly to consider coming to the Lord with such a ‘small’ issue. After all, I was at his feet continually in regards to my sons and their struggles with autism. I was daily seeking his provision and guidance on behalf of their education and growth. I knew as well that there were countless far better and more worthy prayer topics than my ring in the world, and that cries for help and hope were reaching his throne at every moment. Who was I to waste his time on some petty diamond? I decided not to pray at all over it right then. I did however take notice of my ring every few minutes for the rest of that day…go figure. And I did feel sadness and regret with each remembrance of it. Why hadn’t I taken better care of it? Why hadn’t I taken it to get checked or cleaned even once to be sure the prongs were tight? Oh, regret and guilt can weigh a heart down, and drown out a profound purpose waiting to be unveiled.

My shift ended late that night, and I found myself in my car in the hospital parking lot. Eight hours had passed since I realized my diamond was gone.  It was then that I let myself cry over the ring, and it was then that I felt the Lord tugging at my heart. It was the first time since the incident occurred that I was quiet. Sometimes we need to get completely alone to get quiet, and then we can hear better. As I began to listen, I felt the Lord reminding me that not only was it ok to seek him about this, but that he was the only one in the entire universe that knew exactly where that diamond was. Not only that, he knew the exact moment it had fallen. I was sorry that  I had refused to come to the only one with the real answer, presuming that he would be too busy for this. If we truly believe that God does not have time for the little things in life, then we are also saying that he is not big enough to handle it all. Numbers 11:23 proclaims a word from the Lord, ‘….Is the Lord’s arm too short?….’ He is the author of all creation, and he can most certainly handle ALL things, including the smallest details that might seem insignificant to others. He absolutely cares about the things we care about, and is not limited in time, space, or resources as mankind is. I thought of the gospel account in the book of Matthew about the woman with the issue of bleeding for twelve years. For her, it was a big problem in which she needed help. She saw Jesus walking by and knew that if she could only touch him, that she would be healed. She went forth boldly and reached for Jesus with all of her heart. Well, Jesus was on his way to an even more pressing need at the same time….a young girl who was literally dying. That would seem to be the bigger need of the two, and yet Jesus stopped to help the woman that reached out in faith. He knew of the other need, but was also available immediately for what seemed less pressing. The girl he was headed to see indeed died, and that situation seemed hopeless, but Jesus in fact healed them both. Belief and faith were required….not an appointment or triage level of severity.

Right then and there I prayed a simple and honest prayer, and I meant it with all of my heart. I told the Lord that I acknowledged him to be God over everything and asked forgiveness for not trusting him with this immediately. I affirmed that he indeed knew exactly where my missing diamond was, and if he saw fit, to pick up that diamond and place it right smack in someones field of vision who would know what it was. That was it. I pulled out of that lot and headed for home, and my heart started to burst at the thought of what God might do. I had an eager anticipation and expectation, which was completely opposite of the hopeless feeling I had at work that day. I started singing praises to the Lord loudly in the car. I only lived five or so minutes from the hospital then, so I was home in a hurry. It was close to midnight and my family were all asleep. I knelt by my couch and waited. With each passing minute the expectation in my heart grew. I had only been home around ten minutes when the phone rang. I knew that I knew that a miracle had happened. On the other line was an RN from work….’We found your diamond.’ I could not even speak. I ran out the door to head back to the hospital. The tears were pouring down my face and my hands were trembling. I was sobbing and laughing at the same time. The God of the universe had moved that diamond. It was incredibly humbling and life changing for me to realize how he indeed saw and cared about such a simple detail. Nothing is too small, and nothing is too large. He is not so big and far off that he will not open up heaven and reach right down to touch a human life. What a magnificent God!

I raced into work like I was on fire. There at the charge RN station were a group of my co-workers, one of them holding my precious little jewel in a biohazard specimen bag.  Yes, it was my diamond. It was lost, but it had been found. I was overwhelmed, and easily blurted out what God had most assuredly done. There were many tears, and they were not just mine. The best part was where God put it… My diamond was found on the counter right beside where the charge RN sits and where the daily room assignment sheet was kept at that time. This would be the one and only place in the ER where every RN’s eyes would go, but no work would be done with our hands. We would simply look at our assignment, and then go off to the patient care areas to do our work. Yes, it was in the most unlikely spot to have fallen, but the most likely spot to be seen. It was just laying there in the middle of this counter which had been visited by many RN’s that entire day. Even the skeptics had to wonder how in the world it got there. It still gives me the chills and brings a great smile to my face.

The drive back home was brilliant that night. I was elated and felt sure I would not even be able to sleep. I went into my two boys’ room when I got home with that biohazard bag and diamond clutched in my hand. I dropped to my knees at their bedside and began to pray and praise. It was then that a beautiful promise filled my heart that I will never let go of. I knew God was  telling me that I needed to trust him for the greatest jewels of my life.. My two boys were the precious gems that I feared for and agonized over the most. I would be up some nights in anguish over thoughts of their schooling, their social struggles, their unknown futures and if they would somehow be independent …and who would take care of them one day if Grant and I were gone? Those are crippling fears. But that night as I knelt and held on to that tiny little diamond, those fears were quieted and peace came. God reassured me that surely he had a purpose and plan for my sons’ lives and that I could rest in that. If he would see to it that my small and meager diamond was taken care of and not lost in some dark place, then all the more I could be sure that my sons, who are of immeasurable worth, will have a bright and hopeful purpose and future ahead. Now every time I look at my diamond wedding ring, I am reminded of God’s love as well as Grant’s. I am sure to notice my ring many times a day now. I love that ring more than ever.

Do you know that the Lord God knows exactly who you are? Do you know that you can trust him with every longing of your heart? Nothing is too small that he will not hear you. He knows you by name and his love for you is without limit. Do you feel small and unimportant and wonder if God sees you? Let this verse prove to you that you are enormous in worth to him…..

Matthew 10:29-31….29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.[a] 30 And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

Here are our rings…safe and sound. GE DIGITAL CAMERA


9 Responses to “The Little Things Do Matter”

  1. Rich Says:

    Love the story, Deanne! Your faith has always been an inspiration. 🙂

  2. deedee Says:

    God is great and so are you! what an inspiring story Deanne! you always say the words that i need to hear. i miss you my friend and love you! Thank you for reminding me that he IS with me and loves me!

    • gdnelson5 Says:

      You are precious and valuable in his site DeeDee. Grab hold of your savior Jesus and never let go. I love you with all of my heart…always have, always will.

  3. Dusty Says:

    LOVE YOU!!

  4. Tessa Says:

    Oh my, my, my Miss Deanne. I just saw a link from DeeDee, for your blog. How wonderful!!!! You are so wonderful with words, and your passion for life and our sweet Lord just oozes from all that you are. I look forward to following your blog =) Miss you lady!

    • gdnelson5 Says:

      Thank you for following Tessa! The Lord God provides all the material…if I just get to typing. I have been so encouraged to keep it up with all of the love and encouragement coming my way. Thank you friend. Miss you too.

  5. Candy Lawrence Says:

    28 So why do you worry about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; 29 and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. 30 Now if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will He not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? 31 Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’
    << Matthew 6:27Matthew 6:28-31Matthew 6:32
    Deanna, You blessed me with your heartfelt testimony! Much love, Candy

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