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Deanne Get Blogging Here September 20, 2010

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Hello World!! I was encouraged to start blogging about two years ago by a very special friend and fellow autism mom named Kelly Langston. I knew I had put if off, but 2 YEARS…really?? The time slips away and is lost forever. When am I going to fully recognize how precious time really is?..and how easy it is to waste? But I am here now and ready to launch into all kinds of Nelson family sagas, drama, and mayhem. I will warn any potential readers that behind every post will lie the sole ambition of lifting up and glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ. Without that goal at the forefront, the words have no meaning or direction. May HE be the final punctuation mark in all I do and say via this blog.  With that in mind, I say….Ready, Set, GOOOOOOOOO! …Does spelling count?!


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